Monday, January 10, 2011

french fridays WITH Dorie - January 7th - paris mushroom soup

paris mushroom soup from page 72

This ismy first French Fridays recipe review, as I just received the cookbook - around my french table for Christmas. It has been a rather hectic time, so I ended up doing this recipe late. But I did complete and found it very easy to make for the most part.

 I have never removed the germ from garlic before, but did so this time in order to follow the recipe as closely as possible. We usually just mince with a garlic press, and don't worry about the innards. Also cheat slightly with chopping onions (to avoid too many tears) by using a tupperware gadget - Tupperware® Chop ’N Prep™ Chef 

Chop 'N Prep


Ready to chop the onions and mince garlic.

All was added with butter and softened, and mushrooms added - allowed to release water and reduced. Did find that on our gas stove had to turn up more than medium to get mushrooms to 'release' - but we are familiar with this due to making the family Ukrainian boiled and then fried mushrooms, served with sour cream for every holiday meal!

Onions, garlic and butter
Note personalized wooden spoon!

Simmering before pulverizing with immersion blender.

While simmering was taking place,  I prepared the mushroom salad in bowls - using herb cutting shears I recently found in Montreal at Arthur Quentin ooh la la! Added spices to mushrooms and prepared to puree.

Chives cut and spices added to mushroom salad.
Salad ready for soup!

Waiting is difficult - good time to pour the wine and ensure it has not 'gone bad' - a full glass should ensure that and make sure soup has simmered sufficiently. This is a step that should not be skipped when cooking 'French' - 'Cooking with wine = wine in the cook!

Simmering ...

Voila!  Soup!

This was all easy to do, did not take very long and most ingredients we regularly have stocked in the kitchen. I did not have any problem pureeing the mushroom mixture - used a heavy duty immersion blender - Braun and was did right in the pot, removed blender and put pot back on burner to ensure was good and hot before serving.

Serve with wine!

Bon Appetit! 


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