Monday, October 12, 2009

CookBook Review - unforgettable desserts

 unforgettable desserts   by Dede Wilson

This book is amazing!!
A cookbook, I believe should be wonderful to touch, read and have enticing photos to want me to get into the kitchen and start trying the recipes. This book did exactly that.

Starting with the preface - "Desserts are something that we want, not something that we need, so when we do indulge, we want the experience to memorable".  Yes! In today's world we are constantly being told that we should eat healthy and count calories, BUT many of us still do enjoy desserts and even more reason to make them unforgettable.

The book begins with the building blocks to be used throughout the remainder of the book and in the recipes - basics and ingredients, equipment, and techniques.  This layout is excellent and the style of writing used, makes it enjoyable to read and again gets the excitement going - however we are informed to read these chapters at least once. So I dutifully did read and read again.

I particularly liked the layout with a summary at top of each recipe providing some background and important information, as well as the TIP additions on many of the recipes.
The recipe chapters are well cataloged and follow in a logical sequence. Many of the recipes may offer challenges to the average non-professional cook, but with the tips and comments, I found myself encouraged to try.

At the back of the book there is a resource section that provides contact information for several ingredients  and equipment. My only issue with this, is that being in Ontario, Canada it is often challenging and one of the Tribulations  to source the same ingredients. Most will ship to Canada however, and other than planning is required rather than my type of spontaneous cooking!

The Index also is excellent and well categorized - an area that I find is missing in many cookbooks, making it difficult to find that recipe that you just cannot recall what chapter it was in or to find an idea for a special occasion to match the ingredients you have in  the house at the moment.

The book is delightful to read, and now .. I will review some selected recipes - the Trials.
Let's bake!!!

... darleen

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