Saturday, July 24, 2010


 Update - the cupcakes that I did make
Well, the cupcake were much more difficult than books, or online directions appeared. Or, and this is quite possible, I need more practice. A lot more practice!

I did try the easy chocolate wings, and the Hello Cupcake fancier wings, but ended up doing most with the pretzels - these were very easy. And they sorta look like butterflies :)

Katelynn's Birthday Cupcake - hers was Hello Cupcake wings
I will persevere however, and learn how to make these darn cupcakes and many more that I wish to try. 


Weekend Birthday Party -- eek .. running out of time

Need to make cupcakes
Either  .. these:

My Wooden Spoon


Maybe These ...
Cupcake Creations

Annie's Eats

OR MAYBE  ....
Heavenly Delight Cakes

Update to follow ... and recipe updates.
Have a Great Saturday!! ...


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  1. I like the wooden spoon!
    What kind of icing do you make?